Each chili fest entry is good for one adult ticket entry. So if there are two of you entering one chili, one of you will have to buy a ticket still. The adult ticket is $10 and includes one free beverage. Kids between 14-20 are $5 and include one beverage, and under 14 are free. 

The entry includes the chili tasting, DJ, and voting in the competition. There will be other food like Hot Dogs available for purchase, and a cash bar. (ATM in the ratskeller)

For the competition, you are required to bring two gallons of chili hot to the club between 2:45pm-3:15pm so the judges can judge before the crowd arrives. You can bring it in a big pot, or stop by the club office beforehand and they can give you two chafing dishes to put your chili in if you would prefer that. (Each 9×13 pan = 1 gallon) Each area will have sternos all ready for everyone. Chili fest opens to the public at 4pm and ends at 8pm. 

We will have tortilla chips out for people to eat by the chilis as well! It should be a great time, and we are happy to welcome the event back to our club!

Deadline for entering is 2/22.