• An Evening of Song, Dance, and Laughter

    The Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor is pleased to announce a unique event on Friday, September 15, 2017 at 6:00 pm: Community Singing of the best-loved and well-known German Folk Songs.   That’s right:  it’s a singalong; a Mitsingen!  German culture has such a rich heritage of songs:  love songs, drinking songs, songs for hiking, hunting, and dancing, songs for reflection, and dreaming, and sorrowing.  These songs also teach life-lessons:  loyalty, love of freedom, love of country, the value of friendship, courage in the face of oppression.  Let’s pass on this precious cultural heritage to the coming generations!  Lyrics to all the songs will be provided, as well as English translations.     In between the community singing, the Männerchor will perform songs in beautiful four-part harmony.  We will also feature instrumental and vocal soloists.  We are also privileged to have Peter Kadel, a Sr. Fellow of the Imperial Society of Ballroom Dancing, donating his time to provide a free hour-long dance lesson to anyone who wishes to learn the Viennese Waltz.  Since many of the community songs are in ¾ time, they are suitable for dancing (and schunkeln too!)  Come sing and dance!  Jacqueline Smith directs this unique combination of community singing, choral performance, and classical music.   CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO!

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