2020 Safe Health Procedures for Members & Guests

To open in the Yellow/Green Phase, the Club is required to follow Bucks County Health Department Guidelines

As the saying goes, “we are all in this together” and we can only be successful by members taking personal responsibility for themselves, their families and guests to follow the procedures which fall into two basic categories: social distancing and sanitation

Wearing a face mask/cloth covering when entering/leaving pool area, walking to bathroom or walking up to cashier’s box is mandatory

Patrons not feeling good or showing symptoms are asked to refrain from coming to the pool, please stay home

Remember to wash or use hand sanitizer at every opportunity.

At the beginning of each employee’s workday they will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms. This includes asking if they have specific symptoms on and taking employee temperatures. All surfaces where the employees are working will be sanitized during the day.  If any of the staff experience symptoms they will be sent home to quarantine and will be instructed to contact the Bucks County Health Department for more information. The Bucks County Health Department COVID-19 call center phone number is 215-345-3318.


A prominent sign will be displayed at the pools entrance that states that no one with the following symptoms should enter the pool during this pandemic:  cough, fever over 100, rash, loss of sense of smell and or taste, stomach distress, or body aches. If you have any of these symptoms please contact your healthcare provider and do not enter the pool area.

Occupancy – Designated Areas

  • The manager on duty will be responsible for enforcing social distancing throughout the facility and staff that is not on lifeguard duty will be responsible to sanitizing chairs, tables, bathrooms, and high contact areas.  Lifeguards on duty sole responsibility is to focus all their attention on bather water safety.
  • Tables around the pool – 20 Family tables set up
    • These spots have been marked with tape and cannot be moved in anyway
  • Family areas in the grass – Capacity is 40 family’s
    • On grassy areas place your chairs and belongings 6ft apart to provide 6ft distance from the next household group.
    • Everyone needs to enter the grass area near the Shed and exit the area next to the baby pool, each will be marked with flags and signs
  • Once we reach these capacity numbers, we will no longer allow people to enter the pool area.

Aquatic Facilities Setup and Operation

  • When laying out socially distanced family areas, we created walking isles with tape to access the pool, restrooms/changing rooms without encroaching on the designated family areas.  The area around the pool perimeter edge will remain clear for easy bather and lifeguard access to the water.  Lifeguard stands have a 6-foot taped area around them that no one is permitted in.
  • We are utilizing tape and social distancing stickers around the facility directing flow and traffic around the pool 
  • Occupancy of changing rooms and bathrooms must be limited to 1 family at a time to maintain social distancing which will be managed by the acting manager on duty.
  • Bathrooms and changing rooms will be disinfected frequently during the pool operational hours and again before reopening for the next day.
  • Due to the COVID-19 we are not permitting any pool equipment such as noodles, beach balls, kick boards, inflatables in the pool.  Only exception is swimming vest utilized by kids under the age of 7.
  • Tape is set up at the entrance of the snack bar directing the flow of customers. All food service operators will be masked and six (6) feet away.  Physical shielding is installed at the registers to protect the food workers.
  • Families may bring chairs for their group; they then take when they leave. The facility does not have indoor seating
  • Outdoor tables around the pool are designated to hold one family group at a time and will be disinfected after every use.
  • We have the VE pool’s Maintenance Plan and Routine Maintenance Plan are in the front office.
  • VE Pool will maintain proper disinfection levels while keeping a free chlorine level of 5-8 pm and will be checked every hour. VE Pool must immediately close if disinfection is below CDC guideline of 2 ppm for a stabilized pool and 1 ppm for a non-stabilized pool.

Social Distance

  • When entering the pool, please maintain 6 feet between families while checking in at the cashier’s booth 
  • Hand sanitizing/hand washing stations are set up around the pool.
  • We do STRONGLY suggest carrying some chairs in your car that can be used in the grassy areas on busy days when available tables could be in short supply
  • On grassy areas place your chairs and belongings 6ft apart to provide 6ft distance from the next household group.


  • Bathrooms & Changing Rooms will be sanitized at opening and frequently throughout the day as well as out of water common touch areas such as counters, knobs, etc.
  • All tables, chairs and lounges will be sanitized before opening each day and throughout the day.
  • As members, we also suggest you take responsibility for sanitizing the chairs & table that you use on a visit as an extra precaution. Please bring the sanitizer of your choice
  • Pool Water Sanitation- According to the CDC, “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water
  • To assure the sanitary quality of the water during this time, in accordance with BCDH guidelines, chlorine levels will be maintained at higher than normal levels and will be checked and adjusted, when necessary, hourly.
  • There can be no large gatherings within the facility and, for now, this means no birthday parties, large events. Hopefully, this changes as the summer progresses.

We look forward to a great summer!

Thank you,

VE Pool