VE Executive Board Update-April 2nd

To all VE Members, Families and Friends:

We hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health and maintaining the social distance precautions for the Covid-19 pandemic. Certainly, this has been an unprecedented time in our lives, and no one can determine a date for when the Vereinigung Erzgebirge will re-open. Certainly, we miss the enjoyment of the club grounds, we will miss the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, family dinners, and all the good times in the Ratskeller.

We have canceled the planned Maifest for Friday, May 1st with the Alex Meixner Band. We will try to reschedule this event later this year.

During the closure of the clubhouse, we have scheduled to refinish both dance floors in the Main Dining Room and Evergreen Room. Surely, prior to reopening, the entire clubhouse, kitchen, food service areas and bars, will be thoroughly cleaned.

Please understand that the club grounds and facilities are closed. This is for the safety and security of our Club.

Best of health and wishes to all,
VE Executive Board

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