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MightyMites_2015_VE_BoobBQ_039The VE (German) Club has been around for over 85 years and has always been a private club for its members. From time to time, each year, the club would open its doors to the public for special events that take place on its beautiful 68 acres of land. The events that have historically taken place involved the club’s German heritage or sports. However, members of club wanted to do more. In 2013, we decided to open the doors to the club and give back to the community at the same time.


Cancer is an illness that has touched all our lives. The Club wanted to help people in the community who are suffering from cancer or are helping loved ones who struggle with it. The Club teamed up with the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia and the Rosenfeld Cancer Center at Abington Memorial Hospital. Together with our partners we have raised over $25,000 that has been donated to charities and individual families in need. During the first few years, we focused specifically on breast cancer, but we have found the need for help to be so overwhelming, that now we donate money from the event to benefit those suffering from any type of cancer.
How do we raise the money that is needed by the community? The answer was easy! We combine our love of BBQ with family-friendly events and activities. Every year we gather 30-40 BBQ competitors to vie for best BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs. We have tons of activities like magicians, bounce houses, games, the Phillie Phanatic & the Eagles’ Swoop, live music, video game trailer, soccer events, and more food and drink then you can shake a stick at.
We do all of this in the hopes that TOGETHER as a Club, community, and family we can come together and show our support for those here in our town that need us and show that we are here for them.